Ouroboros Team

A group that is committed to the creation of gigantic works of art for the preservation of the environment
Projets Ouroboros Team

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Strongly raising awareness on pollution and recycling issues…

Jean-Luc MEYER-ABBATUCCI and Hugo HEBREARD created the collective Ouroboros Team in 2005.

Ouroboros refers to the ancient image of a snake biting its tail. In many myths, it symbolizes the eternal regeneration of life.

The Ouroboros symbol has been strategically chosen by the artists to warn humanity of the dangers of irresponsible consumption, leading to irreversible environmental degradation. Ouroboros Team wants to encourage people to opt for solutions to recycling, waste recovery and to respect identities in terms of sustainable development.

During their travels, the Ouroboros Team promotes their projects, which are now being discussed in various places around the world. By doing so, they hope to help raise awareness on issues concerning the protection of natural resources, improving living conditions and respect for the identities, which according to the United Nations, are three of the five principles of sustainable development.

…by realizing visible sculptures from the space.

Even though their art practice is quite diverse ranging from photographs, videos, paintings and installations, Ouroboros Team has a preference for Land Art, developmental projects and site-specific open-air installations made out of natural materials, which most of the time are photographed from space.

start-Neguev shuttle
Departure of the shuttle, which NASA has photographed
in 1995 Israel Negev project

Land Art facilities has been and will be photographed by satellite in conjunction with space agencies of the countries concerned (Site web ESA : https://www.esa.int/esaLP/LPsmos.html). Artists draw a connection between Art and Science through technology questioning the future of a global economy and the impact it has on our planet. The satellite image also represents a work of art in an ultimate workshop, the Earth, ignoring the boundaries to gather men around an urgent and common cause.

ouroboros sinaï
Ouroboros 8 km route with caterpillar in Egypt in the Sinai desert
and photographed by the satellite SPOT French, November 2005